Regional Plan for Fezzan – Libya

In the first decades of the 21st century, BPRW S.A. (as a subcontractor of Geokart – Libya LLC) was the general contractor of the Fezzan Spatial Development Plan. Fezzan is one of the 4 regions of Libya and covers an area of ​​567,000 km2. It is inhabited by 547,000 people. The regional plan was complex, as it tackled spatial (urban planning, communication and engineering) as well as social, economic and ecological issues. Planning works were carried out in Libya (Geokart – Libya) and Poland (BPRW S.A.). Specialists from BPRW S.A. and research and academic centers in Warsaw participated in the works.

Planning work was divided into stages, including:

  1. Inventory and assessment of the region’s state,
  2. Alternative spatial development scenarios,
  3. Concept of spatial development,
  4. Estimating the costs of spatial development.

As a result, the following were developed:

  1. Prospective spatial development plan for Fezzan,
  2. Prospective spatial development plans for 4 sub-regions of Fezzan: the sub-region of Sabha, Ash Shati, Awbari and Murzuq.