The Warsaw Development Planning Office has been providing its services in the field of spatial planning, technical and communication infrastructure, as well as environmental studies for 50 years. Experienced staff cooperates with many specialists from various industries, including architecture and construction, geology, hydrogeology, geography, landscape architecture, environmental engineering, technical and road infrastructure engineering, as well as property appraisers in the field of determining the optimal use of the space of cities and municipalities for various purposes. The advisory/consulting services are based on multi-sector, multi-criteria analyses and results in the selection of the best investment options by both local governments (municipalities, county offices) and private investors. The selection of a given option does not always result in the necessity to give up the expectations of the other party. We try to provide multi-track activities, which gives us an advantage over other investment advisory companies. The knowledge, experience and the latest industry software allow for obtaining the best results in cooperation with the client.