Local spatial development plan for the Ożarów Mazowiecki Borough

The Local spatial development plan for the ​​Płochocin – Święcice – Gołaszew – Ołtarzew area covers the region located in the south-western part of the Ożarów Mazowiecki Borough. The plan covers functionally diverse areas, arranging them into zones depending on the designated land use. A railway line runs through the central part of the plan, next to which, in the vicinity of Płochocin station, regular blocks of compact single-family housing development are located. To the north of these areas, the plan delimits a residential and service development zone, concentrated along Stołeczna Street. In the northern part of the plan, along the voivodeship road No. 92, areas for production facilities and warehouses are planned. Finally, vast open areas along the Utrata River, in the southern part of the plan, are marked out for protection against development due to their environmental value.