Local spatial development plan for the Czyste – Prądzyńskiego Street area

The Local spatial development plan for the Czyste – ​​Prądzyńskiego Street area covers a part of the Wola District in Warsaw, which is a part of the Czyste region along Prymasa Tysiąclecia [Primate of the Millennium] Alley. The main purpose of the plan was to establish the rules for the development of the Warsaw Gas Plant area, taking into account the conservation requirements, as well as to determine the allowed parameters of new residential and service buildings, in particular those planned in post-industrial and post-railway areas. For the purposes of new investments, it was necessary to designate the service streets layout in the plan. In terms of inter-district connections, it was necessary to mark a new section of the collective road (Prądzyńskiego Street) with a crossing over the railway and Prymasa Tysiąclecia Alley areas. Other important arrangements apply to the shaping of public spaces and the protection of buildings of historic values.