An opportunity for Ursynów

Ursynów is one of the few Warsaw districts which are lacking a proper local centre. The reason for it lies in the past, as Ursynów grew in times when residential development had the priority. Despite the fact that urban plans for new residential areas indicated the need for a broad range of services, commercial, cultural, entertainment and office facilities were built mainly in city centres. Thus, Ursynów became a huge commuter suburb (more than 150 000 residents) which lacks non-primary services. This is a sign of the times. However, after 30 years of market economy, people became richer and more demanding. And Ursynów residents still have to visit city centres or malls in order to buy better things or to entertain themselves.

In 2020, BPRW S.A. created a draft of local spatial development plan which proposed creating a large, multifunctional commercial centre that would provide residents with retail, cultural and entertainment services. In order for the centre not to be secluded (like many similar projects before), the plan emphasized that the new facility would have a strong connection to the rest of the district.

Shared-use path for pedestrians and cyclists, which would run along the main street, is supposed to connect the centre with residential areas (F. Płaskowicka Street). Building facades overlooking this side are indicated to be made “active” (directly accessible for pedestrians). On top of that, the car traffic should run collision-free to underground garages or rooftop parking lots. The latter could even accommodate an additional, recreational green space! The plan also assumes dividing the front facade of the centre into smaller parts, so as to avoid the monotonous and monolithic look.

The second street, leading pedestrians to the centre (W. K. Roentgena Street), would have an entry area in the form of a pedestrian square, which would encourage people to spend some time there (assuming favourable weather conditions). Interface of the centre with residential areas allows for development of recreational, children-friendly area. Warsaw City Council approved the plan on 3 December which means that the this multifunctional centre is now a real possibility!