Programme concept of the Warsaw Southern Bypass section

The concept is a part of the Warsaw Southern Bypass project documentation covering the section from the Puławska Junction to the Lubelska Junction, which uses a corridor consistent with the provisions of the valid Study of Conditions and Directions of Spatial Development of Warsaw. The basic assumptions adopted for the technical solutions for the Warsaw Southern Bypass were to take into account – while maintaining certain requirements for expressways – all aspects related to minimizing the nuisance to the environment. The following solutions were proposed: creating a tunnel under Ursynów, minimising the effects of nuisance for the residents of Miedzeszyn and Falenica by directing the route in the excavation and maintaining the conditions required for the protection zones of the natural system in the area of Skarpa Warszawska [Warsaw Escarpment]. In addition, the ecological aspects of crossing the Vistula valley with a bridge were taken into account, and the effects of crossing the Masovian Landscape Park area were minimized by designing high viaducts in the the dune and swamp area to maintain animal migration routes. These are extraordinary measures – only nearly 40% of the route is on the ground level. Furthermore, the 2,6 km long tunnel, the 1 km long bridge and the 1,6 km long high viaduct built on the basis of the concept can be considered pioneering on the national scale.