Another plan developed for the centre of Warsaw

The planning works, related to the preparation of the local spatial development plan for the Czyste are – Towarowa Street area in Warsaw, are almost completed. At the beginning of November, the draft plan will be submitted for an opinion to the Spatial Order and Real Estate Commission in the Wola District. The adoption of the plan is planned at the session of the Council of the Capital City of Warsaw on the 18th of November 2021.

Working on the plan was another planning challenge for us performed for the Capital City of Warsaw. It provided us with the opportunity to work out new urban principles ensuring the development of this attractive area of Warsaw centre. In the newly adopted plan, in cooperation with the City Hall of Warsaw, we have developed provisions ordering the spatial and landscape system. The project such prepared provides the appropriate conditions for shaping specialized services related to business development and creating new residential and service buildings. Thus, there is a chance to create a part of functionally diverse urban tissue. An important aspect of the plan is also the protection of the historical industrial elements, which have defined the character of this place over the years, constituting an important urban value.